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  • View videos about Grandloving. Part 1 of this three-part series features Sue Johnson and Beth Bower describing the fifth edition. In Part 2, illustrator Rick Johnson explains more about the book, and reads some excerpts from the book. Part 3 shows some easy activities you can try with your grandchildren.


  • Listen to an interview with Sue and Beth, posted 4/11/10 on "Gather ‘Round with…Sue Johnson & Beth Bower."
  • Listen to an interview (use player below) with Sue and Rick Johnson, 4/1/10, featured on "The Family Connection" on KZYX/KZYZ.

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Interview a Terrific Team!  Jazz up your next broadcast with the fresh, upbeat approach of a unique two generational team! Give your viewers and readers hands-on, creative activity ideas for young grandchildren. Surprise and delight potential advertisers by appealing to one of the most dynamic and untapped markets in the country today — energetic, caring grandparents!

The authors have participated in many live and taped television interviews for Grandloving, as well as phone interviews for syndicated radio shows and print media. They have also presented their material to senior and children's groups. Their enthusiastic, polished presentations are upbeat, warm, and helpful for all.

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Interview the authors of Grandloving.

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