Long-distance Love

Learning to send your love by phone, email, fax, and mail is, for many of us, a bittersweet part of being a grandparent. At times, it might seem a thankless job, with grandchildren too young to communicate their thanks and parents too busy and distracted to help your grandchild respond with frequent letters and calls of their own.

It's true that the payback for all your work often is intangible, but it sure feels right when it happens. The next time you see your grandchild after a long separation, you'll be rewarded with a flash of recognition, big smile, and happy shout of "Opa!" or "Bubbie!"-- which will warm your heart and make all your efforts feel worthwhile. Even your stranger-shy grandtoddlers and twos will peek up from their parent's shoulder sooner than you might expect -- and will be joking with you before you know it. It's for these times, and for the hope that you can be an essential part of your grandchild's life no matter how distant your homes, that we know you will continue to package the best of your love and send it in ways that delight and intrigue your youngest grandchildren.

We've assembled some valuable tips on how you can add zip to long-distance communications with grandchildren.

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